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Astrid Single Bed Bundle

Hampshire Single Bed Bundle

Dorset Single Bed Bundle

Una Cabin Bed Bundle

Magnus High Sleeper Bundle

How does it work?

Just add all of the eligible items for the bundle you have chosen to your basket and the discount will automatically be applied at the checkout page! 

What do the Bundles include?

1. Bundle One: Astrid Single Bed in White (HO15); Camille Bedside in White (CM-BD); Camille 3+2 White (CM-5D-LG-W); Camille Wardrobe in White (CM-WDB)

2. Bundle Two: Hampshire Single in White (HMP-W); Olaf in White (OF-TD-W); Karlstad Bedside in White (BE-BD); Karlstad Chest of Drawers in White (BE-3D-LG)

3. Bundle Three: Single Dorset with Trundle (DO11-TRDL); Lola in White (LOL-TB-W); Hakan 2 Tier in White (CU-S-849); Karlstad Chest of Drawers in White (BE-3D-LG)

4. Bundle Four: Una Cabin Bed in White (UNA-WT); Erik Toy Box (ERK-TB); Hege Shelf in White (HEG-W); Otto Chest of Drawers in White (OTT-3D-L)

5. Bundle Five: Magnus High Sleeper in White (MGS-W); Ludvig Desk (LDV11); Otto Chest of Drawers in White (OTT-3D-L); Mia Shelf (TRO-S)


Terms & Conditions

1. Bundle deals must not be used in conjunction with any other offer, including that of cashback promotions even if the item depicts the cashback sash.

2. Bundle deals are set items per bundle and cannot be changed or modified. 

3. Bundle deals are subject to stock and can be removed at any point. 

4. All eligible items per bundle must be added to the basket and the discount will be applied at the checkout.