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  • Christmas Inspire

    Christmas Shopping Tips

    Endless mince pies, steaming cups of mulled wine and twinkling trees… if only Christmas was that simple. Unfortunately, if you’re a parent, the pressure of making this ‘the best Christmas ever!’…

  • Bedroom habits

    Have a go at indoor camping

    As the school holidays come to a close you may be running out of ideas to entertain the kids. If you’ve already been out and about all over the place there’s…

  • Bedroom habits

    How to make more of your box room

    Is your little box room a dumping ground for items you can’t decide whether to keep or not, and piles of laundry? A few simple storage solutions and furniture heroes can…

  • nap nooks
    Bedroom habits

    Creating nap nooks

    The National Sleep Foundation says that more than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers – meaning that they sleep for short bursts throughout the day – while humans are in…

  • Fun

    Fun and functional home features for kids

    How annoying is it when the kids just won’t budge from their bedrooms when you call them down to dinner? We recently came across this story about a 20ft slide that…

  • bunk beds
    Bedroom habits

    The politics of bunk beds

    As anyone who shared a room with a brother or sister will know, this is both an awesome and drama-filled experience. While comforting (and often fun) to always have someone around,…