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    How to Effortlessly Style Your Sideboard

    Sideboards are great for displaying decor, but how can we effortlessly style one? Traditionally used to store dinnerware, sideboards are great pieces of furniture for adding storage to your home. Of…

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    Small Living Room Ideas

    Beautiful living room decor isn’t just for large homes. Here at Noa & Nani, we like to ensure all families from all home sizes can make their house perfect for the…

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    Grey Living Room Ideas

    Grey has become the perfect all-around colour for home decoration and is entirely on-trend right now. It’s a colour that can be dressed up or dressed down to create the perfect…

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    How To Create A Scandi Living Room

    Scandi style living room interior and living room furniture has become more and more popular over time. These minimalistic, simple interiors are inspired by the Scandinavian decor styles that aim to…

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    Kids Bed Guide

    The endless choice of kids beds can be an overwhelming minefield for parents to manoeuvre; from single beds to cabin beds, storage beds to bunk beds, how do you know which…

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    Kids Mattress Guide

    Sleep is crucial for a child’s health and wellbeing; their constant growing both mentally and physically largely depends on it. That’s why your child’s mattress must be a perfect choice to…

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    Flat Pack Bed & Furniture Guide

    If your new bed is on its way and is being delivered in a flat pack box, then have no fear. Noa & Nani are here with the ultimate guide to…

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    Bunk Bed Safety Guide

    Bunk beds are the ideal way for families to save space and to optimise a bedroom’s potential, but when misused, bunk beds can have risks.  By following the basics of our…

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    Grey Dining Room Ideas

    Grey is the perfect versatile colour to choose to redecorate your dining room fashionably. Whether you want to brighten the room or give it more depth, playing around with the colour…