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How to Choose the Right Furniture for your Home

Understating the importance of furniture to a home is difficult. Often, though, we tend to get snap-happy and buy the first table or chair our eye is immediately drawn to in the store, rather than the piece of furniture that is best suited to our lifestyle and aesthetic.

If you’re doing a home reno or are moving into a new place, then there are a few vital things to take into consideration as you choose your furniture. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you in the process – so read below and get shopping!


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Consider functionality and durability

It’s fine to be inspired by the crisp white loungers you see in home interior magazines, but when you’re shopping for your own furniture, you need to put on your practical hat. In other words, functionality and durability need to be your topmost priorities.

To get the most bang for your buck, you need to invest in pieces that will match your lifestyle. If you have a young six-person family, for example, then you’re going to have markedly different furniture need than a single person who barely touches the ground, and your material and fabric choices should reflect that. This means selecting stain-resistant microfiber for sofas and going for darker colours in the case of any nasty spills. Don’t forget size considerations too – what can you actually fit in your home?

Keep your colour scheme and aesthetic consistent

Furniture is typically the last step in the interior design process, meaning you can work from your existing colour palette and décor to guide your furniture choices.

Think of your home’s aesthetic and current pieces as a theme of sorts. Do you absolutely adore rustic chic? Scandi sleek? Eclectic? If you need extra assistance to determine the aesthetic of your home and figure out the furniture to best complement it, you may find recruiting an interior design professional very useful.

Take note of your home’s architecture

The aesthetic is just a surface element of home design. It’s also vital that you consider your home’s architecture and deeper structure. For instance, if your house has exceptionally high or curved ceilings, then you might want to look for symmetrical, square-edged, and expansive sofa sets to balance them out. It’s the silhouette that’s all important!


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Shop by room

Different rooms have varying furniture needs. The bedroom, for example, calls for storage-oriented furniture, and all units need to fit around the most focal piece in the room: the bed. In the dining room, though, it’s the table which makes the statement – so choose your wood type carefully. Lastly, the living room is the real heart of the home: here, you can play around a little more, and you’ll probably want to invest most of your time and resources into selecting the right furniture for this space.

Think long-term

It can be tempting, especially for new homeowners, to opt for the cheapest furniture options. What will really pay off, however, is choosing quality furniture which will last the test of time. Purchase according to your abiding taste, and not necessarily according to the most popular trends. Select furniture that you won’t outgrow (sure, you may be a twosome now, but if kids are in the five-year plan, then you’ll need to do some fore-planning!).

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Select the right supplier

So, you’ve done your measurements and chosen the style of furniture to suit your home: it’s time to buy! Before you rush in, though, make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. If possible, compare the prices of furniture suppliers near you to figure out the best deal, and if you’re buying custom-made pieces, make sure you ask around or look online for reviews first. And once you’ve done that – hello, beautifully-furnished home!

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