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3 tips to help you get back to sleep

Lying awake in the middle of the night can be so frustrating. Whether you’ve been woken by a noise outside, a snoring partner or a child suffering from nightmares, when it comes to nodding back off the struggle can be very real indeed. Next time you or the little ones are finding it difficult to drift back into slumber, try these tricks to get you there faster.

Don’t reach for your phone

Our first instinct upon waking can often be to reach for a mobile phone to check the time. Not only will the light of your screen confuse your brain into thinking it’s not bedtime but watching the clock can also hinder your efforts to return to the Land of Nod. Obsessive clock checking tends to make us feel worse about the fact that we’re awake too, causing anxiety that in turn means it’s harder to sleep. And round and round it goes. Then of course there’s the small fact that you might be tempted to check messages or look at social media when your phone is in your hand, which only takes away from those precious moments of rest.

Don’t lie and count sheep

If lying in bed and keeping your eyes closed isn’t cutting it, try being low level active to distract yourself from your sleep worries. When you’ve been awake for more than twenty minutes or so this can help reset you for sleep so you can start again. You could try some light reading or listen to some relaxing music. It’s always a good idea to pop to the toilet too but avoid turning on any bright lights if you can. The aim is to stay fairly relaxed and keep you body in a sleep friendly mode. So getting out of bed then climbing back in could help.


Use breathing and relaxation techniques

While counting sheep won’t necessarily help you drop off, following relaxing breathing methods or even using self-hypnotherapy techniques is always worth a go. Try and slow down your breathing naturally and picture yourself in a relaxing spot or perhaps even sleeping. Many people swear by the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Rubbing your ears or rolling your eyes upwards can also help bring on a sleepy state.


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