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Fun and functional home features for kids

How annoying is it when the kids just won’t budge from their bedrooms when you call them down to dinner? We recently came across this story about a 20ft slide that runs directly into the kitchen from the bedrooms of the children of the house. This fun and functional home feature reminded us of our own themed cabin beds, which can be great tools in persuading reluctant bed-goers to head upstairs. Then we started thinking about other fun and functional additions that we could make around the home to give a bit of a ‘wow’ factor. Here are some of the kid-friendly ideas we came up with that we thought may make life easier for all of the family….

A playroom

A space dedicated to play is sure the most fun and functional thing you can add to a home? Plus it has the added benefit of keeping mess and noise in one spot! We’ve talked about the comeback of the playroom before in the post Does your home need a playroom? If you already have one, we’re sure the fun and laughter that fills it makes it the best room in the house. If you don’t have room for a dedicated playroom, could a kids’ nook be a more space-saving solution?

A kid’s only bathroom

Hands up who has to regularly share the bathroom when they’re showering? If the kids aren’t popping in to go to the toilet there’s bath toy buckaroo to contend with. Not every home comes with an en suite on the master bedroom, which makes a kids’ only bathroom a fun and functional feature that is surely on the lust list in many homes?

A grow your own plot

If you asked the kids what they’d like to put in the garden, they may well suggest you build a swimming pool or add a secret treehouse. If those aren’t realistic options, how about allocating them a small plot in the garden as a mini allotment? Introducing children to gardening at a young age is a great way to get them interested in nature and in food and cooking too.


What are the best child-friendly upgrades you’ve made in your home and what would be your ultimate fun and functional adaptation?

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