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Brave the cold and get gardening this winter!

gardening in winter

Although you won’t be able to catch many rays while gardening in winter, there’s still plenty of work that can be done over this chilly period. All you need to do is wrap up warm, take a hot drink to keep you company and have a plan of action ready to follow. A little bit of hard work now will pay dividends come summertime and there are some seriously stylish garden accessories to be snapped up at great prices at the moment too.

The gardening ‘to do’ list

First thing’s first – having a clean-up of the garden is the best place to start. Clear up the old leaves, branches and any dead flowers and stick them in the compost bin or green waste for the council.

Gather up all of your gardening tools and equipment, which are sure to be caked in compost and dirt, and give them all a good wash. This will help to prevent rusting as well as preventing the horror of unearthing them in spring time when you’ll hopefully be putting them to lots of use.

Winter is a great time to give your grass some room to breathe. Apart from getting rid of pesky weeds, leaves and moss, be sure to implement a ‘keep off the grass’ rule (we know this can be easier said than done with little ones around!) Also, if the weather gets very snowy, try to brush the heavy snow from the shrubs and trees.

Here comes the sun

This season is the ideal time to plant perennials such as lupins, heleniums, aster and phlox. Pretty, flowering plants that almost guarantee flowers in spring and summer. Time and effort now will ensure a thriving garden for you and the family to enjoy.

Look after ‘future you’ by getting organised now and plant a few treats the whole family can enjoy later too. Avoid being impacted by supermarket vegetable shortages by growing your own. Good to plant in the winter months are:

  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Broad Beans
  • Garlic

Planting is one of those activities that kids like to see up close, so why not start your growing by sewing some seeds together?

Cool gardening kit

As well as hardwearing gardening gloves, knee pads and a trusty trowel, there’s lots of other tools specifically made for gardening that can make the job that little bit easier. If you are remodelling the garden or simply need to transport equipment or plants from one place to another, gardening trolleys will help save your energy and your time.

There’s no going back and forth when you can pile up the trolley with everything you require in one go. Noa & Nani’s range of gardening trolleys are a stylish and practical way to speed things up. With wagon trolleys and tippers in sizes to suit your outdoor space, you can choose something heavy duty enough to match your gardening efforts.

gardening in winter

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