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Bedroom habits

Are your kids having a storage SOS?

No matter how big your home is, kids seem to have a canny knack of sucking up all the space in it by scattering their belongings here, there and everywhere! This problem can be even worse at the start of the year after the addition of new toys and clothes at Christmas. If you’re fed up of finding everything pushed under the bed or stuffed in a drawer when its time for a tidy up, check out our storage solutions which are pretty and practical…

Bed pockets
How often do you find all manner of books and toys stuffed under your little one’s pillow? Our bed pockets make the perfect storage spot for the things children like to have within easy reach at bedtime. Here they can stash their favourite pocket-sized bedtime stories, dolls, cars or other stocking fillers, ready for playtime the next morning.

Bed shelf
It’s not just pockets that can help you make the most of your child’s cabin bed, our single shelves for cabin beds and bunk beds provide a platform to pop books, LED night lights, slippers or other items on and they’re on sale at the moment too.

Underbed storage units
If they really must hide things under the bed, encourage them to do so with the help of our stylish underbed units, which make best use of the space under our cabin beds. If you’re always scrambling to find school shoes and bags before school, make it a habit to pop the essentials in here before they go to bed.

Storage units, trunks and toy boxes
When toys needs to be out of sight, a traditional storage box or trunk can solve messy situations quickly and we have a great selection of these storage savers too. From freestanding units with separate sections for different types of toys through to pretty toy boxes they can sit and read on too, you’ll find many of these storage essentials in our sale.


How do you encourage your kids to keep things tidy? Is tidying part of weekly chores or something you to together?

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