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Spooky Bedroom Decor Suggestions

Spooky bedroom decor suggestions

Halloween is fast approaching and this year it’s time to get your children involved in the festivities. While we decorate our hallways and host parties, we think it would be a fantastic idea to create a spooky, but safe, area so your child can also have fun this Halloween.

A Spook-tastic Spot
It’s important that your child isn’t scared during this holiday and a way to ensure this is to create an area that’s fun while following the Halloween spirit. This pirate tent cabin bed or pirate tunnel  are the perfect bedroom accessories that tap into the Halloween fancy dress trend without being overly scary. Plus, you could dress your little one up in pirate attire for trick or treating and then they can enjoy their sweeties in the fun setting they’ve created.

Create Your Own Monster
Instead of ridding monsters from underneath the bed, let your children invite them to play. Well, maybe not real monsters but they could create a beast that they would love to invite for tea. Within your spooky-inspired area, simply place some paper, colouring pencils, paints and even cuttings of fabrics to let your children get crafty creating a ghoulish friend.

To give them inspiration you could even have films, such as Monsters Inc on in the background. Not only will this give your children hours of fun, but it’ll help them get over any monster fears they have, so you won’t have to deal with monsters under the bed anymore.

Magical Cinema Moments
If your child loves all things magical, a homemade cinema is what they need this Halloween.

If you have a projector screen this would give it more of a cinema-style experience, however, it’s not an essential. All you need is darkness and a TV. If you’re worried your child will be too scared of the dark, you can decorate the room with fairy lights for added ambience and comfort. Whether your choose Harry Potter or Alice In Wonderland, let your child be captivated by magic.

What Halloween plans do you have this year? How are you getting your children involved?

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