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Simple shared bedroom styling ideas

shared bedroom styling ideas

If your home requires you to have two children in one room, be assured, it isn’t the end of the world! With a little thought and preparation, you can create a shared bedroom that encompasses both personalities and also offers privacy.

Creating a space that allows privacy as well bringing the siblings closer together can seem like a gargantuan task but in reality it is all about clever use of space. Check out our guide to getting this harmonious balance right.

Mixing the two

Bringing together two personalities and two styles can be tricky, especially if you are dealing with children of varying ages. Playing it safe with neutral colours will stand the test of time as well as giving you more choice with bolder prints and fabrics for bedding and accessories – perfect for injecting some individual style for sections of the room.

At Noa and Nani, we have a great selection of single bunk beds that are stylish and comfortable. Children can make each bunk their own with cool bedding, soft toys and stickers etc. The only problem here is deciding who gets the top bunk!

Plan privacy

Although you don’t want to encourage completely separate living, it is important to provide each child with some privacy. A place to call their own and to be able to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy household is essential.

You can install curtains on each tier of the bunk beds for a little privacy or be creative with the layout of the room with partitions. If you have enough space, bookshelves can be used as partitions to give the feeling of having two separate spaces. And, if the children are young enough (or young at heart) you could add some adventure with a small playhouse of make-shift tepee for reading time.

Coming together

The practicalities of two children living in one room is twice the amount of stuff to fit in! This is where clever storage comes into play. Use space under beds, any cupboard space and lots of shelving (without overloading the room) to provide ample space for all toys, books and clothing. Freeing up the floor space is great for playing games and spending quality time together.

You can also add personal touches to help them mark out their storage and belongings by adding their initials to bedposts, wardrobes and drawers to demarcate areas.

And, since it’s a shared bedroom, include photographs that show your children growing up, having fun and being silly together. Let them choose the best pictures as this will make them feel part of the bedroom décor process. You can also put up a bulletin board for each child for messages, images and artwork to give then their own areas to update and be creative with.

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