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Does your home need a playroom?

For many, the playroom is a luxury of a bygone era when children and their nannies spent much of their time being entertained in a special space of their own. However, the playroom is now making a comeback with estate agents reporting many parents are adding it as a feature on their property wish lists. In addition, research conducted by insurer LV= suggests that 13% of Brits now have a playroom. So, should you sacrifice your study or give up your guest room and prioritise a playroom? We take a little look at the pros and cons and share a few styling tips for potential playrooms in the making.

The Pros

If you’re constantly crunching plastic building bricks under foot or dread the day the kids get paint on the dining room table, creating a special place just for play can help you limit the spread of mess throughout your home. It will also be a space where little ones feel at home and if you encourage a feeling of responsibility for the space, they may just show some enthusiasm for keeping it tidy too! Finally, while we’ve been blessed with sunny days this summer, British weather isn’t always the best and having a safe place where kids can unwind indoors without the risk of damaging furniture and other household items can be a real bonus.

The Cons

Unfortunately, having a playroom doesn’t guarantee that toys and mess will not cross the boundary of the playroom door and it’s not always practical to allow children to play with certain toys or do particular activities unsupervised. Tension can also emerge is shared space places with potential for sibling squabbles sometimes leading to territorial rivalry. That said, introducing rules for the playroom from the very beginning could help. Why not sit down with the kids and work on your own set of rules that can be hung on the wall? Along with management of the play space you’ll also need to consider whether you can spare the square footage. Could other arrangements be made for guests who want to visit? And will you still have a suitable work area if you sacrifice your study?

Styling tips

Whatever the size of the playroom, incorporating storage is likely to be a crucial consideration. Remember; you’ll need ample to tidy away any arts and crafts projects as well as space for toys. Take a peek at our toy boxes and shelving solutions for inspiration. A plastic table and chairs that can be wiped down easily are useful for activities and when it comes to taking naps or relaxing, bean bags and play mats are the order of the day. Kids love to play in dens too, so why not protect your downstairs furniture by buying a day tent or tipi for the playroom?

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Is a playroom a dream addition to your home?



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