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Creating a bedroom fit for your footballer

With the football season now underway and back to school time fast approaching, why not treat your football-mad little one to a bedroom makeover? It will be a fresh start for the new school year. With little touches here and there and some key pieces of new furniture, you won’t need to break the bank to transform their current room into a football bedroom.

Sweet dreams

The focal point of any bedroom is the place you sleep. With this in mind, we have the perfect bed to kick off your bedroom makeover – our midsleeper cabin bed with sports-themed tent. As well as looking the part, this bed can also provide an excellent place for a goal, working both as a bed and a place to practice their saves. They should probably stick to using soft balls in the bedroom though!

For the bed linen, there’s so many options for football-themed sheets. Most supermarket chains will have something to offer little girls or boys, but you could also get a bit crafty by making your own pillows and bed sheets. This guide shows you how to make three different sized pillow cases with the football-themed fabric you have found. Happy sewing!

Tucked away

Next up we have some ideas for storage solutions for the football-inspired room. As well as the odd school book, your child will need a place to store their football trophies, medals and memorabilia from their favourite team. Here, some good shelving will do the trick. Depending on the colour theme you’ve gone for, you could also paint the shelves to match this theme or create a traditional white painted cabinet like those you may see at a club ground.

Football kits are best kept separate from the other clothing. This way they know exactly where their kit is, as well as providing another visual touch to the football room. A little shoe rack is ideal for this to keep football boots below and the kit on top for easy access.

Finishing touches

No football-themed bedroom would be complete without wallpaper to suit – Pinterest has some great ideas to inspire your makeover efforts. You can also add to the theme with blinds and curtains that match team colours as well as rugs and mats. Sticking to shades of green can help you mimic a football pitch.


To stop the theme from taking over and making the room look too fussy, you could choose a few elements of the room to be solid colours with no football decoration. This could be the blinds, the pillow cases or even one of the walls of the room. Sometimes, less is more…

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