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Getting the kids into a homework routine

Adding some structure to weekday nights is essential for your children and can really help you to keep on top of the craziness of having a family to look after. The procrastination bug can bite young so be sure to instil a sense of regularity when it comes to getting homework done. If left to their own devices those who are less than enthusiastic can let things pile up and seem unachievable, which can lead to bedtime tantrums and bad behaviour.

Establishing a routine

If there’s been no school work routine thus far, you may encounter some resistance when establishing one. You don’t need to have a family meeting about it, simply decide on a day to begin your routine and then introduce it when you get home from school. Having an area where your children can work is essential, so that they feel they are in an environment that supports learning and problem-solving.

If you have the space, a desk is ideal. And, if they have cabin beds, you can get desks that fit with the frame itself taking up very little space. Here at Noa and Nani we have a beautiful selection of cabin beds with desks to help you create a homework-ready bedroom and you can also purchase the desks separately in our accessories collection.

Sometimes strength in numbers will help the situation too. Why not speak to other parents at school and arrange a study date for your children. Doing homework together will seem less like work and could kick start the routine for you.

Getting involved

Setting up a routine will require your input. You need to be on hand to help your child work through hard problems and steer them in the right direction when they just aren’t quite getting it. The more time you invest at the beginning, the quicker your child will grow in confidence and the less you will be needed later on. You might have to swot up on your maths knowledge though!

Making it fun

Homework doesn’t need to be boring. The obvious go-to is an incentive for the children when they finish their homework and although this may seem counterproductive, it is a great way to ensure work gets finished. The incentives don’t have to be sweets or money; the incentive is what comes after homework is done: playtime!

This can change up every day to keep things fresh. Watching a film, a trip to the park to play on the swings or baking cakes for dessert (and getting to lick the cake mixture off the spoon). You never know, your little ones might actually start to enjoy their homework…


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