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Creating a happy and welcoming hallway

From the moment you enter your family home you should feel relaxed and comfortable and where possible, free of stress and frustration. But unfortunately for many of us that’s what greets us when we enter our hallway.

Shoes scattered all over the floor, coats dumped in a pile and letters overflowing from the letterbox, this isn’t exactly the welcome you desire after a long day’s work, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Here at Noa and Nani we’ve pulled together some simple accessories and pieces of furniture that look at home in any hallway so you can transform your cluttered hallway into a peaceful and welcoming space.

Hang It Up
We all know how easy it is to simply take off our coat, get distracted and forget to put it away, especially after a long day at the office! But, if the whole family starts gets in to the habit of doing this then you’ll soon see the untidy effects it has on your hallway. The easiest solution would be to place a Brittany Hallway Cabinet Coat Rack in your hallway, as close to your front door as possible. You simply can’t miss this white coat rack, so there’ll be no more excuses as to why you haven’t hung your coat up nicely. And, since it’s white it’s going to reflect light and make your hallway look more spacious – double win!

Walk This Way
Having shoes scattered all over the floor is not only messy, it can also be quite dangerous. To make sure no quests trips over on entry and that every single pair of shoes is kept together, this Shoe Storage Cabinet (recently added to our collection) –  is the ideal piece of furniture. It’s simple, stylish and complements the coat rack splendidly. You can also use the top shelf as a storage point for letters, newspapers or even bags.

Personalise Your Place
So, we’ve decluttered your hallway and now it’s time to sprinkle a little bit of personal magic to make your home more welcoming. To ensure your hallway stays light and spacious, why not adorn your walls with some gorgeous canvas prints of you and your family? Then even if things are occasionally out of place, you should have something to help you smile as you step through the door.


Trust us, these simple little touches can make a huge difference, go on, give them a go!

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