Childrens bedroom decorating ideas for look up at the sky day | Noa & NaniNoa & Nani Childrens bedroom decorating ideas for look up at the sky day | Noa & Nani
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Childrens bedroom decorating ideas for look up at the sky day

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At Noa and Nani we’re always wishing for blue skies and plenty of sunshine, and we hope our wishes come true on Look Up At The Sky Day. This unofficial National holiday is celebrated annually on April 14th and is set to bring clear skies, rays of sunshine and warmer weather – fingers crossed!

In preparation for what we hope will be a glorious day, we’ve put together some simple bedroom ideas so that your children can enjoy this day for years to come.

In the tree tops
There’s nothing children love more than having their own treehouse to play in, and what better way to celebrate this holiday than surprising them with a Christopher Midsleeper Treehouse Bed. That’s right, a treehouse bed! This means your child gets all the fun of being outside from the comfort of their bedroom. Plus, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re little ones are safe and sound, and not stuck up an actual tree.

Catching those rays
We’re sure there’s nothing you love more than relaxing in the sunshine, but for children sunshine means a whole day of playing with their toys outside. To celebrate Look Up At The Sky Day, why not bring some of that sunshine into their bedrooms with our outdoor inspired Pirate Pete Top Tunnel. Not only will this brighten up your child’s room, but it’s also a fun accessory that they can play in for hours on end!

Under the night sky
Celebrations for Look Up At The Sky day doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. You can bring the outdoors inside by creating a glittering night’s sky in your child’s bedroom. Forget skylights and spotlights, we’re talking about decorating with whimsical fairy lights. Simple and effective, these affordable twinkling lights are a brilliant way of recreating a night’s sky for your little one to enjoy. Plus, the lights also double up as a nightlight. You can either wrap them around their bed or fasten them to the walls or ceiling with tape – it’s as easy as that!

Build a rainbow
If Look Up At The Sky day has inspired you to decorate your child’s bedroom, then these suggestions are ideal for brightening up their space. Since it’s all about the beautiful weather, why not transform their walls with a pastel blue paint to represent the sky. To finish it off, take a sponge and some white paint and dab some fluffy white clouds on to the walls. You could even get the kids involved, as these are super easy to create. If you want more sunshine in their room, then draw a rainbow on the wall and let your child colour it in. This is a great way to let them personalise their own room.

How are you celebrating Look Up At The Sky Day? How would you decorate your child’s bedroom?

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