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Creating a Secret Garden bedroom

If you read any interiors blogs or magazines you’re probably pretty familiar with the phrase “bringing the outdoors in”. Today we’re sharing a few ideas on how you can do exactly this in your children’s bedroom.

Encouraging kids to have a healthy interest in nature and all it’s splendour isn’t always easy, particularly when you’re up against the British climate. This how-to for creating a secret garden themed bedroom gives them a space they can explore when the weather outside isn’t so delightful as well as introducing a little magic to the mix. Here are the key components…

A secret door
A secret garden needs a secret door. In the book by Frances Hodgson the garden gate is hidden by shrubbery and plants and this is something you can recreate at the entrance to your child’s bedroom. If painting leaves is a little above your artistic ability, try framing the door with wall stickers, this should make them easy to remove when you update your décor too.

The floor
Mimic the look of a lawn with a green carpet and add flower printed rugs. If you’re working with wooden floorboards you could choose to paint them, though a carefully placed rug or two should set the scene and save you a lot of effort if you decide to return to a more subtle shade in the future.

The walls
There’s so much scope to explore a garden theme on walls; choose a flowered wall paper to make the wall look like a meadow or look out for prints featuring butterflies and birds. If you know a talented painter a mural is a must – incorporate bushes, trees, flowers and animals and insects.

To ensure the garden keeps ‘growing’, walls of the bedroom can act as a background for the creations of your kids. Next time they draw a ladybird or sketch a flower you can add it to a pinboard on the wall or transfer the image to canvas. Or, encourage an interest in photography by taking the camera to the bottom of the garden and start building up a collection of images worthy to splash across the walls.

For a magical feel you may want to introduce some battery operated LED fairy lights (these will need to be well out of reach of young children). Look out for petal trimmed light fittings too.

A treehouse made for one
A secret hiding spot in a secret garden is very special indeed! Our treehouse cabin bed is the perfect sleeping location for the guardian of the secret garden. If children want to sleep with the ‘key’ to the secret garden underneath their pillow, spend an afternoon doing a simple DIY together and make a key from card.

Does your child’s bedroom have a theme? Is this something you think your little ones would enjoy helping you create? We’re always interested to see what ideas our beds may have sparked so please feel free to share your ideas and photos.


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