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Planning a children’s bedroom makeover

Despite our best intentions, holiday periods often become times of doing rather than resting. If you’re planning to do a little decorating this festive season that goes beyond the Christmas tree, you certainly won’t be alone. Time spent off work and sales online and in store make the period between Christmas and New Year in particular a peak time for home renovations.

It can seem like a challenge too far to redecorate children’s bedrooms at this time, with little ones running around and new toys strewn about, but a decorative rethink can actually be a great way of restoring some order and keeping small hands busy! Here are our tips for redecorating kid’s rooms this season…

Bag a bargain
It’s easier to pick up a bargain during sale season but you can ensure you snag the best deals all year round and are the first to know about sales by signing up for companies’ newsletters and following them on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll find the signup for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Choose and do things together
Giving children completely free rein when it comes to choosing colours, fabrics, furnishings and furniture can be an expensive affair and if you’re unlucky, it may also result in some garish pairings. However, it is good to allow children some input. Why not narrow down some choices from your sale selections and match them up together? When it comes to decoration time, little ones might not be able to get in on all the action but you may want to consider letting them in on the simple jobs like covering things with sheets.

Trends versus practicality
Kids can be hard to please at times and fun usually comes above functionality when they make choices. Prioritise practicality – is the room in need of storage space or extra items like a desk? If so, consider cleverly combining items with multi-functional furniture like cabin beds. Our themed bed range includes everything from castles to pirate ships, so there’s no need to sacrifice fun in favour of functional.

If you want to get things started before Christmas so that Santa can drop off some items, why not start by checking out our sale section? You might just start your own fairy tale Christmas.






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