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How to make the most of cabin beds

When it comes to kids’ bedroom furniture, cabin beds have established themselves as a firm favourite. Here at Noa & Nani, we specialise in making and selling high-quality children’s cabin beds, so we know how useful these pieces of furniture can be.

Our beds are a little out of the ordinary and with this in mind, today we’re going look at how you can make the most out of a kids’ cabin bed. Here we explore how choosing a cabin bed can save you money as well as floor space and facilitate fun for your little ones!

Cabin beds and saving space

Kids tend to amass clutter – from piles of discarded toys through to strategically strewn clothes – space is always at a premium when you have little people on the premises. Cabin beds are a top choice for children because they free up floor space. Our cabin beds are the same size as a standard single bed, and whether you opt for mid sleeper or high sleeper cabin bed, you’ll also benefit from access to space underneath.

Playtime opportunities

We believe beds ought to be functional as well as fun. Our children’s cabin beds are designed for the comfort and safety of kids but they also appeal to their imaginations. We make a number of themed beds that encourage creativity in play – transporting children to other lands and worlds once they’ve ascended a ladder or entered an under-bed tent.

From castle cabin beds through to pirate ships, customised cabin beds can stamp a theme on a room and open up endless playtime possibilities. If you want to update the theme of a kids’ bedroom but are happy with your existing bed, take a look at our bed accessories range. Here you’ll find tents, towers and tunnels that will help to kick start the transformation.


Budget busting

Cabin beds don’t just double up as spots for sleep and play, they can also combine several pieces of furniture in one, helping your bedroom budget go further. Choosing a cabin bed with desk allows you to fit more into a compact area and gives you a bed that caters for toddler up to teen. The desk provides a private space for doing all-important homework and you don’t need to worry about mismatching furniture, since it’s all in one!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new bed for your child or refreshing an existing one with the help of some of our fun accessories, involve them in the process. Looking at beds together gets children interested in their new partner in slumber before it arrives, making bedtime to go more smoothly for everyone.

Are there any themed beds you would like to see in our cabin beds range? We’re always on the lookout for new creative ideas, so please share yours below!

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